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Fighting for Fatherhood

Updated: Jan 31

by Kent Chevalier

Been doing a lot of thinking on what it means to be a good dad.

When I deep dive on this it makes me quite sad

to discover that most people I know were wounded in some way

by a man that was supposed to provide and convey

a good earthly image of God the Perfect Father.

None of us can ever measure up to that, so why even bother?

The image of God we carry around in our hearts and minds

impacts the way we live our daily lives.

The worse the father wound, the worse the Heavenly Father's image.

So many enemies can rob this precious stewardship.

Satan himself. Man's inadequacies. Cultural shifts.

Unforeseen circumstances and mission drift.

A dad's purpose is to love and shepherd his kids,

but positions, pleasure and paychecks become more important instead.

Climbing an invisible ladder and impressing your neighbors.

This self-inflicted pressure can make a dad's purpose waiver.

Tight-roping that fine line of authority, encourager, confidant and friend.

A dad's responsibilities will be tested and never come to an end.

I've discovered the journey is very exhausting yet beyond rewarding.

No matter how good I think I've done, there's always more I could be doing.

I want to be a dad that leads my daughters to lean on God and not men

in all things but especially when matters of the heart are at hand

The best thing I can do is point each of my girls to God their Perfect Father

because I can't even compare to His love for her.

I have to wage war on the depressing thoughts in my mind

that I'm going to warp their view of God over time.

I have to fight to be faithful by loving and caring for each of them.

I cannot be the perfect dad because that role is already taken,

and I trust that God loves each of my daughters perfectly

enough to overshadow my mistakes and the worst of me.

I also have to reconcile that wounds are not always inflicted

but scars can still form from words and actions misinterpreted.

When God gave me the gifts of each of my three daughters,

He also gave me the responsibility of pointing them to their Heavenly Father.

I want to steward them in His perfect love and grace,

and I have to fight everything else that will get in the way.

Oh God, be my Helper. Please, God, be my guide.

It's obvious that I cannot win this fight, so it's in You I abide.

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