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Pittsburgh Winter

Updated: Jan 30

Snow fall followed by salt

Beauty on the grassy hills

Slushy grey and nasty spills

Scenic bridges covered in white

Borough plow trucks jolt to life

Neighbors helping neighbors dig out

Yet over a parking chair they'll fight and shout

Obscenities and profanities while holding a grudge

Don't judge, you also have limits where you won't budge

Life is a lot like winter in Pittsburgh

A beautiful mess that causes joy and concern

Simultaneous wonder and worry

Forced to slow down especially when you're in a hurry

Barely making it up the hill without sliding back down

Loving thy neighbor while faking a smile

White as snow out the outside with others

Dark and slippery on the inside under cover

Each day brings an opportunity to choose what we see

The beauty of snow covered trees or the beast of the unplowed streets

The uniqueness of each snowflake or the accumulation that must be shoveled

The purity of an untouched field or the trouble of unmoving traffic

May we opt for marvel over madness and splendor over stress

We can decide to introduce light to drive out the shadows of darkness

It is possible to train the eye to seek and see the good even amidst the gray

So, what do you say? Let's choose wonder on this Pittsburgh winter day.

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