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They Are Real People

Updated: Jan 29

People in the Bible are not characters. They are real people!

Every time I hear a pastor, teacher, or author say, "Moses was a character in the book of..." or "In this story, Paul..." it drives me crazy! I cringe because the Bible is not a collection of fanciful fairytales and make believe stories. It's a collection of historical documents that chronicle real people's lives. There are different genres of writing. History. Poems. Songs. Autobiographies. Prophecy. The Bible also include hand-written (now copied and printed) letters to real people with real problems and offer real solutions. Pastors, teachers, authors and well-meaning Christians unknowingly contribute to a cultural belief that the Bible is just a bunch of made up stories with fictional characters.

The solution is easy. When preaching, teaching or talking about someone in the Scriptures, tell people who they were in detail. Describe their upbringing and geographical living conditions. Include their family and vocation. Recount their training. Report the challenges they would have faced within their cultural context. Relay their relationships with others. This helps people realize that people in the Bible were just like them. It helps people relate to the people and the message of the Scriptures.

If you preach, teach, lead Bible studies or talk about the Bible in any way, please be a part of the solution. Help your listeners, family and friends understand that the people of the Bible are real and not characters in a story.

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