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Erica, a graduate of Geneva College, has a passion to come alongside women and help them realize their full God-given potential. Wife to Kent, mom of their three daughters and Chaplain to NFL players & coaches wives or significant others, she also founded The Justice Team, a ministry dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of the vulnerable and oppressed, including victims of human trafficking.

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About Kent

Kent was invited by Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, to join the staff of Athletes in Action and serve as an NFL Chaplain.


He is a Pittsburgh native and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Student Ministry from Geneva College and Master's in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. After serving for 22 years as a Pastor in the local church context, Kent now enjoys speaking in various faith-driven settings to inspire and equip people to embrace the fear of the unknown so they can jump into their God-given purpose. He values most being a husband to Erica and a dad to their three daughters.

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We were both born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. Kent is from Beaver County, and Erica grew up east of the city. We met our freshman year at Geneva College. After dating all four years of college and doing part-time youth ministry together, we married two weeks after graduation (1999) and jumped into full-time youth ministry for 10 years. We served at two great churches (Christ Church at Grove Farm in Sewickley, PA and Rockpointe Community Church near Detroit, MI) during that time.

After having three daughters, we transitioned into two different ministries. Kent served on staff with North Way Christian Community as the Wexford Campus Pastor, and Erica came on staff part-time with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation as their Ministry Coordinator.

In Fall of 2007, God broke Erica's heart. She learned about the hidden injustice of human trafficking. After educating herself and personally raising awareness, she founded The Justice Team in 2012 to unite Pittsburgh churches and non-profits to work together with local government and law enforcement to fight against this modern day slavery.

In Fall of 2017, Kent met Vance McDonald, who began attending North Way with his family. After several conversations, they formally began A Discipleship Journey with a couple other guys. During that time, Vance introduced Kent to Coach Mike Tomlin. A month later, he invited Kent to become the Chaplain of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In a leap of faith in July 2019, we joined the staff of Athletes in Action to serve together as NFL Chaplains. With two undeniable experiences that solidified this as God's call, we're holding on for the ride of our lives! We'd love to share these stories with you.

As Team Chevalier, we walk alongside those whom God places in our path and encourage faith-driven people to live into their God-given purpose. So much in life can hold us back from experiencing God's best, and we want to inspire people to embrace the fear of the unknown by telling our story and equipping people through our marriage, mentoring, and coaching, so they can discover and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.



For 25 years Kent has been speaking on stages and across coffee tables, in locker rooms and conference rooms, putting courage into people to overcome whatever is holding them back and helping them do what they think is impossible by simply sharing his story of taking a leap of faith.


Kent has quite the story to share with you. It's powerful! But it can also be yours. A story of journeying with pain, failure, grief, and uncertainty only to discover the gifts of renewed trust, active waiting, hard work, and ultimately my God-given purpose.

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