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Coming alongside you where it matters MOST


With 25 years of experience, we have served in various roles from staff to small business owners to executive leadership teams in businesses, non-profits, churches, and missions organizations. Our desire is to come alongside men and women to draw out their specific God-given purpose and to help them lead in the ways of God in their sphere of influence. 



Leaders are only as good as their marriage. If your marriage is good, you'll be a better employee, parent, boss, etc. If your marriage is suffering, your leadership in all areas will suffer.


We've always had a desire to come alongside married couples, so now after 25 years since we took our wedding vows, we have formalized a conversational approach to marriage coaching that begins with an assessment to get spouses on the same page. We are not marriage counselors, but we have been certified as SYMBIS Facilitators (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts).

If you're interested in formal pre-marriage or marriage coaching, contact us today.

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